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    Can 14/15 year olds teach piano/violin/clarinet with a satisfying amount of students?

    What is a good way to advertise yourself? I am doing grade 8 this year and this is my 6-ish year playing the piano. A friend and I have been thinking about teaching together, then splitting the money equally between us. She plays the violin and clarinet; she is about the same level as me. We are thinking to teach beginners at a lower price. What price would you be willing to pay per hour? And how to attract students? This would be our first job experience.
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    Put salt in it!
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    • Well First of all if you want to "Professionally teach you have to have a music and/or teaching degree but if you are teaching people you know than you can teach them but fares may differ from parent to parent so if you're going to teach people make sure you're fare is good not overpriced like 200 a less on make it small like 20-30 a lesson hope i helped

      by Sam G - 19 hours ago

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