Is using a logo for a T-Shirt Copyrighted?

I made a really simple T-Shirt that I was going to sell. It has the Golden State Warriors' logo of the Bay Bridge on it, except the logo is black and white instead of blue and yellow. I was wondering if I am aloud to sell it. Thank you very much, for any help or knowledge at all.
Also, if I don't even sell it and just wear it, is it bad/illegal?

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It is probably trademarked and illegal.

1 year ago

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Yea if it's recognizable it's probably grounds for legal action, odds are if you make a few nothing will happen, but you and your parent's? assets could be as risk. Wearing one around is not going to get you arrested.

I have heard that many licensing arrangements cost $10,000 up front.

The same authorities that go after fake handbag web sites have been after inlicenced (Chinese) jersey sites as well.

by Jake - 1 year ago