Which items should I buy?

So I only have about $14 left in my Best Buy gift card and I am torn as to what I want to buy with the rest of the balance (And add a little extra with my credit card). These are the things that I want to get:
1. The Raid: Redemption
2. King of Fighters 2002/2003 for the PS2 (Pre-owned)
3. District 13 collection on Blu-Ray

I could always get cheaper items like these and combine the balance with extra from my credit:
1. DJ Quik- "Way 2 Fonky" and "Rhythm-al-ism"
2. xXx: State of the Union soundtrack.

Can anybody help? I know in the end it will be up to me, but still.
Regarding the game I mentioned, this is probably the best deal I found for that game, because it's more expensive on Amazon. Another game I thought of was Gradius V.

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Which answer should I give you? Please help.

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