Affiliate Marketing Questions?

Hey guys,
I've recently stumbled across a affiliate program named
Are they legit, in other words did anyone actually receive actual money from them?
If they are not, what are the best affiliate programs out there.

Oh yeah, if you're a spammer or bullshitter, stay the hell out of my question.

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Absolutely legit.


1 year ago

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As far as I know their affiliate program is legit, it is one of the bigger hosting companies.

Hostgator may be the most recommended hosting companies, perhaps because their affiliate payment is over $100, there have been complaints about late payments from them.

Most hosing companies have affiliate programs, you would be competing with the many established hosting review sites, that I assume get an affiliate fee for sales at every service they review.

by Jake - 1 year ago

Bluehost is a long established hosting company and have had an affiliate program for many years.

It would have to be one of the most difficult affiliate programs to make money as there are just so many hosting companies in the market and, with hosting costs so low, you have to sell a very large number of hosting packages to make any money.

I've been a re-seller and an affiliate for Hostgator for many years with any income very minimal.

Try and find a niche that is not so crowded with competing products with low returns.

by Neil - 1 year ago

There are millions of people surfing the Internet this day and time, it could be for social networking like Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, or it could be just finding a way to pass time. With so many users of this blasting scene we can expect a lot of money floating around waiting to be pocketed. Look at all the ads you see when you log onto these social websites. This booming industry is called Online Marketing. It gives many stay at home parents, college students, unemployed, and those just looking for a little extra income a chance to earn money with less time consumed than on forty hour a week job!!!

There are many programs that offer online marketing campaigns to get you into a program and you later find out they are not what they are put up to be. A program I have had great success with is ZNZ. It's a three step program that offers you a chance to grow in the online marketing industry. They don't offer you the whole get rich scheme and the leaders help you one on one in getting leads to promote your own personal online marketing business.

The first step into the program is called znz one. For every person that completes a offer you get paid 20$ into your paypal account. Start here by signing up for a trial offer. Their are several offers to choose from that are trial offers like, netflix, and many more. Best of all these offer are 100% free!!! No Jokes no small print at the bottom, but instead free!!! I signed up for one of the offers and canceled it before they started to bill me after the thirty day trial. So there for it was absolutely no out of pocket expense for me and no obligation. These are fortune five-hundred companies that can't afford to run a scam for the sake of their popularity so I knew it was something I could trust unlike some the get rich quick scams floating around on the Internet.

ZNZ big cash is the next step towards getting your own personalized business start up instructions. It is similar to znz one, but you have to complete more trials. Some of the trial offers are free and some you may have to pay as little as two dollars to complete the offer. Once you pay for the offer and it is shipped or mailed to you then all you have to do is return it and cancel the membership and guess what you get 100% of your money back on the offer. When you get your own website and they sign up with ZNZ big cash you will be able to make forty through eighty dollars just for that one sign up, so that is a total between twenty and one hundred dollars directly into your paypal account. Remember these are fortune five-hundred companies that just want you to try their product or service, its not tactic to rip you off. Once you have completed this portion of the program guess what your on your way to step three which is your own website and marketing tools to get you started.

Step three is the next process of getting on board the plane to success with ZNZ Affiliate Marketing. You will receive the information on how to create your free website, the tips and valuable free training materials, not to mention you don't have to be a computer whiz to do this. Your mentor will be willing to train you one on one and help you with every detail of starting up. Once your website is created you can then start making money that very second. You don't have to wait two or three weeks for your first check, your first check starts that day via paypal!

The proof is in the pudding, this is a opportunity that I personally believe you could be successful with. This doesn't take hours at the computer, and there are so many ways to gain income with this program. College students, single parents, unemployed or those just looking for extra income can do this program. I'm so excited to introduce you all to this unique opportunity and if you sign up today I will personally help you one on one explain what ever it is you need to know about this program. We also have a support group that will help you with anything associated with ZNZ Affiliate Marketing. What are you waiting for? Others are making money online why not you? Stop wasting time and start earning cash today.


by Danielle - 1 year ago