Should I sign up for free samples from some websites?

They send you free samples and you test em and write a review but also they get your info. I don't know. I'm a scared cat. Should I do it? Will they call me and annoy me every day?
Jake, you just made me sad :(

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You really have to have an influential web site, or the like to get stuff to review, there are rackets like "Free sun glasses" that turn out to have a shipping and handling fee of $8 providing them a profit.

Watch out for Secret Shopper schemes that send you a check to make purchases with, including testing a money transfer service be sending a percentage to your employer, turns out the check bounces a week after you spent the advance from your bank.

The internet is filled with work at home offers that are either exaggerations or complete frauds, this ABC TV report gave some examples that remind you that a healthy level of skepticism is sensible when dealing with the internet.

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