Where can I advertise my blog?

Like you know so people can go see it, I did a posting on craigslist, and twitter. BUT Craigslist isnt really for blogs and all that. What can i do?

And can you look at my blog, so you can tell me what you think about it? Note: The front page needs some few touches to it, but Im pretty much all done.

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I have just answered a similar question. Try - its completely free. You can add feeds from your blog (to your own blog within their site) and its automatically published across other social media sites - a great free bit of promotion for you


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Read up on SEO the process of improving it's search engine ranking, this might start with you identifying the specific search phrases you want to be found for, the bread and butter of SEO is getting links from other sites to make you appear more popular to the search engines it's wisest to make links on related pages that a fan might actually make, blog comments are some of the easiest links to get. You probably want top have a presence on a number of social sites, like mini blogs pointing to the main blog.

I believe some studies have found that white on black text gets slightly fewer readers.

by Jake - 1 year ago

As usual, Jake has good advice. I'll add a few items.

First, you page loads very slowly. This will lower your "visitor experience" or "page quality" score on Google. Do a page load test with to locate what is slowing down your page load time - then apply the fix to all pages. Your page now loads in about 9 seconds - should be under 5 seconds (preferably less than 3). Looks to me like your many javascript loads are the main cause. Use the "Use Google Libraries" WordPress plugin to fix that. Then check that your images are well compressed for faster loading.

You should offer more social buttons than just Twitter. There are many good plugins that offer many buttons - most can be customized to show only the buttons you want.

The best SEO plugin for your blog is "WordPress-SEO" by Joost De Valk. Be sure to set up an account for your blog on Google Webmaster Tools and to use the Google Analytics for Wordpress plugin (also by Joost) and create a Google Analytics account to track your blog's traffic and other metrics.

To answer your original question, you can register your blog on many blog directories. Google "blog directories (without the quotes) to find them.

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Hope this helps....
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by jim coe - 1 year ago