Do i need a paid domain name for affiliate marketing ?

Do I need to buy a domain name for affiliate marketing or free domain names from free web hosting provider is enough (I don't want to spend money). What are the possible ways to earn money through affiliate marketing? Is there any other method to earn money from ads other than Google ad sense (As I am from India, I can register only after 6 months). I have skills in writing and social marketing. Can any one help me to establish a affiliate marketing site (preferably need answers from India bloggers or affiliate marketers , as they have good knowledge of my) current situation. But, everyone welcome to give your valuable suggestions.)
Note: I want to ask some doubts.Give you mail ID (If you are okay to be contacted).

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You do not have any control over any "free" domain as you have to confirm to their detaild T&Cs.

Having your own self-hosted domain you have total control.

The main requirement for successful affiliate marketing is to have a large email address list so all your efforts should be in developing your mail list/lists (and lists should be captured via an autoresponder).

For any worthwhile income from Google Adsense you need tens if not hundreds of websites. Clickbank and PayDotCom are sites for products to market. Also, marketers like myself have their own affiliate management programs for all their products.


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You will have very limited choices for affiliates if you do not have a paid domain name. A paid domain name is the basic requirement for most of the affiliate programs.

Actually, the paid domain name if very cheap, only $10 to $20 a year, why not? The affiliate program will definitely help you earn more than $20 dollars. Check out the Top 10 Online Affiliate Networks in 2012 at for affiliates.

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Download the free guide "3 simple ways to make money online in 2013" One of the chapters details affiliate marketing. It is available free at


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