How do I get a patent on a product invention?

I wonder how to get and how much it costs to patent a idea I have ?
It seems all the company's I contacted want only a few hundred to start it and then market it like the ones on TV and then thousands to go from there and I can't afford thousands even know I think it is a great idea and so do the people I showed .I was just curious if you could patent it and find I think lucky investor.
All of the companies keep calling me back and e-mailing me but I feel I am being duped .
The product can be made and packaged for under a $ and sold for I believe 3 to $4.99 with the package the size of a car tree air freshener and has a target of over a million potential customers .
The people that it targets represents millions of people and from all walks of life and could be displayed in dollar stores to drug stores, k-mart, wall-mart or just on line
I would appreciate your input TY .

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If you want to patent something, you are encouraged to hire a professional patent attorney, because most ordinary folks cannot navigate the process successfully.

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Good luck!

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