I would like to have a huge party to start off my business!?

I need some great ideas for a party! I wanted it to be at like a cabin but the owners that rent them out for a couple days don't really like having party's and stuff there so it might be pretty hard to do that. I am only 18 years old what are some sick ideas I could do with around 1,000 dollars also i want to make profit off it too so how would I do that! The party will be located in Minnesota all information helps thanks a lot in advance!!

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We need more information to give you good ideas. What is your business? What are you trying to accomplish with the party besides making money off of it? If it is a kick-off for your business you generally don't make money. It should be in your marketing budget. If having a profitable party is your business then I would suggest charging an entrance fee or having a silent auction. The rest really can't be answered without better information.

1 year ago