i want to start online retail, i am based in south africa so i am asking for any ideas on what what sell .?

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I suggest you sell items that are hand crafted by local people.... Jewelry, carvings, woven fabric purses or other items that are made locally. Being in an exotic location will have instant appeal to online shoppers. Use that to your advantage.
Also you could work with local people to pay them for their item when it sells and you keep a commission of perhaps 40%. This would give you lots of items to sell without having to purchase each in advance.
Look at the website
This site is very popular here in the USA for selling handcrafted items. You can create an online store very easily and inexpensively. The other answer here is correct in that you must know what shipping costs will be so you can pass that charge on to your buyers. That is easy to do with etsy.

Good Luck!

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It's always best to sell something that you understand and that you have an interest in. Also if you are looking to ship this item consider the costs that this will incur and if it will increase the overall price of your item beyond a reasonable level.

by Peter - 1 year ago