Need event ideas for team?

I have a team of about 150 people in one location, and 60 in another. I have been tasked with planning team building and moral building events for them. My limitations, has to be during work hours, and employees only. We have done BBQs, bowling, movies, pot-lucks etc. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE any suggestions you might have out there because I am drawing a complete blank. We are in a seasonal climate (snow in winter, extreme heat in summer, rain in spring, wind and chills in fall). Thanks everyone!!

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Find a local charity that has a specific need and have your employees build or collect items for that charity. It may be a local animal rescue group that needs a banner, a food kitchen that needs shelving for supplies, a children's charity group... anything in your area that fits your workers ability to help.

Working as a team to help a charity is a win-win situation, very rewarding for your people to help others and is good PR for your company. Celebrate you groups achievement with a pizza party and slide show with pictures of the teams at work. Frame some of the pics and hang in the office for an enduring effect of the teamwork.

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There is a website called You can hire good entertainment of all niches for your event from this site full of aspiring musicians and entertainers at a reasonable cost.


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