Where online can I sell my stuff n make a lot of money?

My fiance and I are looking to buy a lot of new stuff for our house. I wanna sell a lot of the old stuff that we have to make room for the brand new stuff. I wanna sell the following items: our couch, our love seat, our living room chair, my mother's dishes, my computer, my computer desk, and some of our appliances. I tried to sell stuff on Ebay, on Pittsburgh Craigslist, and I even tried putting an ad in the classifieds in every paper. Nothing works! Please help!

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Rewrite those Craigslist ads to make them more enticing, update every week or so, another site about 1/5 the size is or you can try Garage sale or city dump...

1 year ago

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This is a slow time of year, but you can try having a sale at your house - Friday is the best day.
Craigslist is the best place to advertise the sale and each item individually - then state the day, time and address of your sale. Don't include a phone number - otherwise they'll call and ask Q's.

Also price things close to the same price or cheaper than prices at GoodWill, etc.

Computers are difficult to sell because they're so cheap now and folks keep throwing old ones in the landfill to make room for the new ones. Americans regularly spend a lot on new and better phones and computers.

by YahooDeana - 1 year ago