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    Where to advertise my site?

    I got a website a few months ago. I have a forum on there, but only one member. I tried to recruit members I go to gollege with, but no one has signed up. Where do you think I should advertise next?
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    Forums and classified sites both have to deal with the Chicken and Egg issue, nobody wants to be the only one on a forum, professional web developers sometimes resort to paying participants to make the site look 'lived in' classified sites may employ a scraper script to copy content from other classified sites, which can further help the advertisers. You might at least add some informative, conversation inspiring posts to seed your categories with text search spiders can index, ultimately forums do well in search engines which value sites with regular content additions. Participating in other related forums with a signature link to your site may help. Blog comments on related articles also give tiny search rank helping backlinks. Find linking candidates here: dropmylink.com
    3 years ago

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    • If you write regular blog then place your forum link below on every blog article you post. This may get you some referral traffic to your forum. Keep adding some interesting niche topics in your forum and just initiate a conversation yourself. Also ask your friends to participate. Then(If you can afford) post ads on Google Adwords, it will boost your traffic instantly. Otherwise hire some Expert Internet Marketing firms that may help you get organic traffic.

      by Sudha - 15 hours ago

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