What are some legit sites for trading or selling gift cards ?

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Chosen by Asker is one of the Most Trusted one and Paypal even Recommended it!


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If you are an online artist, or the agent of one (meaning you hold legal copyright to the artworks of others) you can sell POD (Print On Demand) greeting cards and posters on FineArtAmerica. I've been a member for years and find that it's better than the other art sales portals.

Basically, you pay just $30 per year and set your own prices. They do not take a sales commission (unlike other sites). There is no other cost to you than that annual payment. And they have an outstanding community of friendly and helpful artists. Plus you get a free web page.

By the way, I'm not an affiliate of FineArtAmerica and get no benefit from recommending them - I just think they are the best. And I have had some sales from their site - though not a lot.

Hope this helps


by jim coe - 1 year ago