How do I resell these items in my upcoming shop?

I want to open a shop. It is going to take a while so I'm planning. It's going to be a hunting shop, selling hunting clothes,guns,etc. (hunting supplies). I was wondering how I would make money on the hunting clothes. Like, I'd buy them at other hunting shops and online for the regular price and put them in my shop but how would I make money, because some of them are $20+ for one shirt. So would I buy them, and re sell them for like$30? I would mostly be buying online. From big name brand stores like remington, mossy oak, duck commander, etc. so would buying them and jacking up the price be the only way? Wouldn't ppl just walk out and go somewhere else. Like maybe the direct source and buy these products I read of buying through me? And it's not just clothes it would also be all kinds of hunting supplies: calls,blinds,decoys,scent,guns, clothes, etc.

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Yea you have to think bigger, if you don't have the funds to buy inventory at true wholesale prices you are unlikely to have enough profit to keep the shop afloat. At least having a business license should qualify you to buy from real wholesalers. You are probably have to pour some profits back into advertising to grow the business.
You may have to provide superior customer service to make up for higher prices than the discount chains, unfortunately the wallmarts of the world have shown that price is everything to most customers.

Some of these so called wholesale suppliers a web search turns up may be in reality retail discount stores. and are paid 'certified' supplier lists used by some online stores to lower their chanes of being ripped off.

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You don't buy anything at other shops - you buy your stock from wholesalers or direct from the manufacturers. And you buy in bulk so you always have a range of product on hand.

You had better do some study on managing and operating a retail shop.

by Neil - 1 year ago