Would you spend 500$ on a handbag ?

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I don't understand why I would need a $500 handbag. A cheap one works just fine for me and lasts just as long even with some abuse.

1 year ago

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by tyler - 1 year ago


by afethinefatale - 1 year ago

Personally no. but if you can afford it why not?

by Drezworld - 1 year ago


by Nina - 1 year ago

YES. Only if I can resell it for profit (;

by <3 - 1 year ago

If I had money to spare, absolutely.

by Krystal:) - 1 year ago

No. The bag may last a long time, but the style won't. I have a hard time spending more than $50 on a bag, and I have bags that are almost 10 yrs old. And I go thru and donate thin out what I have and donate what I don't use.

by Terry - 1 year ago

Is it the Coach Madison Diagonal Pleated Maggie? If so, yes. But I wouldn't buy any OTHER handbag for that.

by mbrcatz - 1 year ago

$500? Nah. $300? Maybe if I liked it enough. And there is this one Michael Kors bag I want so bad & it's $300. I have expensive taste xD not getting anytime soon though lol

by Mark - 1 year ago

its an unnecessary cost . u must spend this money for poor people......

by munna - 1 year ago