How to politely decline an online (amazon/ebay) offer?

I was looking to buy a product (a nintendo 64) from a seller off of Amazon, asking for more information such as pictures of the console, the condition, etc. Yet, I noticed later in the day that the console was missing from their page of active listings. I ended up buying the same console off of ebay, yet now the seller is contacting me back that he has a second nintendo 64 and that the other listing was simply one of the two he had.

I dont want to be a bummer/letdown to this person, but I dont exactly know how to say no.

After asking for more information on the console, how can I politely decline his offer?

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Don't stress at all. Just thank him for his time and say that you are no longer interested. This type of thing happens all the time. It won't be a big deal for the seller.

1 year ago

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You literally message them and say : Thanks but i am pollitely declining.


by Joseph - 1 year ago

No thank you

by tyler - 1 year ago