I need catchy phrases for advertisement...?

So I'm in this organization called Teens In Action, and basically, we do volunteer work for whatever we think needs help. Right now, we're working on teen driving safety, and there's a convention for it in April that we were invited to attend and give a presentation. I am in charge of advertisement. Right now we know we want to hand out tee shirts, but we can't find a catchy slogan. We are targeting teens, and we know that a lot of the time, cleverness brings business.

So far we have:

Smart Phone, Bad Decision
A Text Isn't Worth A Life
The Text Can Wait, Your Life Can't

so if you have any ideas on how to attract people to getting a shirt and attending the convention, I'd really appreciate it.

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Most of your examples would need a car graphic to clarify the context.

Here are a bunch of ideas

One good one

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While your at it, text God and let him know you will be there soon.

YOLO, don't waste it.

DWI - Driving while Intexticated

Those are just a few. Hope You Like Them!

by Jordan - 1 year ago

"Dont text away your life". Think about it if someone is texting while driving they can get into a car accident.


by Jeremy - 1 year ago