Is there a site specifically for selling jewelry?

I own a small business of handcrafted jewelry, but moving my product is moving a little more difficult than anticipated. I've tried ebay but really it's not built for the sellers anymore. Craft shows and swap-meets are alright but jewelry has become such a common hobby of housewives and stay-at-home moms 40-60% of each show is made up of jewelry booths.

Is there any site that's similar to ebay but more for jewelry makers like myself?

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Etsy is best for handcrafted, but be aware you have huge competition there so you will need a lot of product GREAT photos and I mean GREAT GREAT photos to be found and will need to outshine your competitors 110%
It can be slow starting but once you are established should be good
You can get better prices for handmade on etsy than ebay and cheaper to list and less Final fees


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Other Answers is the Ebay of hand crafted goods, 20 cents an item + about 6%, there are some 435,000 sellers there, better be original.

Have you seen the cool 3D foundry service that can make impossible to craft shapes from your 3D computer designs?

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I agree with the rest. You can try it's like ebay of handcrafted goods and it's quite popular. You can also build you own webstore but that doesn't quraantee visibility.
Good luck anyway...

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well try this site..


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