How can I make Clothing company?

I have ideas of t short designs that will sell well, but how do I get started? Im able to use photo shop and make designs but how do I get known and stay the process of making shirts?
I would appreciate if someone that has had experience answer this question. Thanks!

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The web is saturated with t-shirt sites, I recall the story of at least one who invested $1000 creating a site of his original designs and was still waiting for his first sale.

To test the waters you might upload your art to one of the print on demand sites where you can setup a 'store' with no investment in inventory, prices come out a bit high but great stuff should still get some sales. and are the big names.

As big an issue as building your own store site is getting prospects to the site, you could spend you efforts promoting your ready made store with social accounts at pinterest, facebook, tumblr youtube etc.

1 year ago