Anyone have tips on getting an entry level web analytics job?

I have a bachelors degree, data management experience, advanced knowledge of MS Excel, certifications of Google Analytics and Adwords, and I have moderate experience with SEO but it's been difficult to find a job (maybe it's just Los Angeles?). If anyone has ideas, knowledge or contacts please share!

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Wow those are some good things to have under your belt! I’m actually thinking about getting my certifications in Google Analytics and Adwords. Just got my SEO and social media certification at If you really want a good job in the computer industry you will have a better chance looking in Irvine CA, which isn’t far from LA. I work in Irvine and it’s called the second Silicon Valley. Try the OC jobs section in craigslist- or look up the area in Monster if you have a resume on it. Good luck!


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