get paid for your free website?

I found many sites like, Is there any way to get paid if you make a site trough them ? and what are advantages if you register a domain ?

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Hi Misa,

You should think from the buyer's perspective if you decide to sell a free website. Think about adding value through your free website first. Money is not necessarily a means to add value.

Think outside the box and you'll be able to come up with many ways to add value. Here are some

1) Add awesome content so that people share it on Facebook
2) They share it on Twitter
3) They email it to their friends
4) Build a list of subscribers from this free website.

So you see Facebook likes, Twitter followers/shares, email subscribers can even be considered as "Value" from buyer's perspective. There are many people out there who can make use of them for business/marketing purposes.

So the bottom line is, think of adding real value even if your website is free and you'll find people chasing you to grab this.

Thanks and have a nice day

1 year ago

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Several of the free sites have a revenue sharing scheme where you et about 1/2 of the earnings. Hubpages and Squidoo are a couple that come to mind, maybe Tumblr as well, in some cases if you get a custom domain name you may be able to keep all of the revenue.
Google's Adsense is the most popular passive revenue source for blogs, their min payout is a high $100 typically requiring tens of thousands of visitors to earn, some sites never reach that level.
Developing a site that gets any decent traffic and ad revenue takes a considerable investment, having a custom domain name allows you to relocate the site to a different host with a limited disruption of incoming links and search ranking it has acquired. Many free hosts have paid upgrades, the free host of the industry standard blog engine for example charges for business sites or custom domain names, Google's is one with no paid upgrades, allowing you to add a custom domain name obtained elsewhere (the process may be a bit more tricky than a paid host)

by Jake - 1 year ago