I need help with names?

im going to finish my photography course soon and I want to start a small business what should I call it? I cant think of any names for it all ive come up with is refuge photography I got it from psalm91 can anyone help me come up with something better?

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Under His Wings Photography

Wings Photography

Stone Wings Photography

Capturing the Moment -- Saving the Memories

Paragon Photoworks

Accelerated Photography Arts

Paragon Photo Shoot

Photography Loft

Buzz Photography Art

Focus Photography Services

Whatever name you choose, you will need to check with the Secretary of State to verify that the name is not already in use. They usually have a web site set up for that purpose.

1 year ago

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Sanctum is an interesting synonym for Refuge.

There are sites with tools that help you come up with fictitious names, including:,,,,, some of these tools look up the domain name availability as you go.

You might find expert advice an the wordlab forum.

Marketing wise combining a catchy adjective with a descriptive word is generally helpful, something like WonderfulPhotos focusedMemories sharpShots

by Jake - 1 year ago