What the job where you set up/design displays in the store?

I was in Starbucks when I saw one of the employees setting up and arranging products in the shop. I was interested in knowing what he was doing since I like to arrange stuff on shelves and stuff and he mentioned he was a "planner grounder" or "planner" something. I couldn't remember but he said something about planner for sure.

I wanna know what it's called when you put up products/arrange products up to display in a store.

He mentioned that a friend of his does the same stuff that he does involving Walgreens and CVS and he works about 30-40 hours per week. I thought it might be a neat job to have but I dunno, I'm a full time student so I dunno how hours would work out but it could be a good job to have when I' out of college.

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Those doing creative fashion displays for large department stores are called Window Dressers, visual merchandising manager is another term you may encounter.

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The generic term is "merchandiser" however various companies have their own terms to make the position seem a lot grander than what it is.

by Neil - 1 year ago