Is it legal to edit and use a part of a photograph for commercial use?

Ok let's say I want to make shirts and I'm going to google an image of a biker on his bike. Crop him out completely change colors and make it look like a drawing. There would be no way to tell who it is. Than say I find another picture of a boat and do the same change the colors make it only 1 or two shades and make it look drawn and I put the biker on the ship. So what I would have now is an image of a guy riding his bike on a boat. Now my question is do I need the rights of those images to sell my design commercialy?

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Unless the photo is in the public domain you are guilty of copyright infringement.

1 year ago

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Probably a copyright violation. Unless the source material is yours, don't use it.

by falsi fiable - 1 year ago