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    How can one be successful?

    Lets say someone wanted to be as successful and wealthy as Bruce Wayne with a big business like his. Where would he start? Lets say that person had the resources to to go to a great college, anywhere he wanted. What degrees would he need to have a big business and be successful
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    Financial success does not have a strong coloration to happiness, taking classes like emotional intelligence to improve your relationship skills might to a more meaningful success. There are plenty of people with college degrees who never make it big. Those huge successes tend to have an entrepreneurial knack that might not be teachable. Dull subjects like business management, or law are more likely to lead you to financial success, but whether you find enjoyment in the 40-60 hours a week you spend at it may or may not be enjoyable..
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    • -try hard -work hard -never give up

      by lost - 6 hours ago

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