How do you send your stuff to Ebay buyers?

I want to sell some Converse on Ebay, but if someone wants to buy them, what do I do?
Do you have to package it up in a certain way or something? Please help, I am useless with this kind of stuff and I have no clue what you're supposed to do! :)
Oh yeah, and I'm on the UK one so I'm not going to ship stuff abroad :3

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Wrap it up however you want, but make sure it's wrapped protectively and won't damage the item while being delivered. Wrap loads and loads of thick celotape around it till its quite covered, the reason being, you put a piece of paper on top of the package a small square one written with their address on it.. So to keep it on you wrap lots of celotape around the package make sure it's all covered. Wrap the shoes in a box preferably with an opaque bag around it, or use bubble wrap if you have no box :D

1 year ago