Is it smart to open a store and sell skincare products that aren't available in the US?

There's a line of skincare products that they only sell over seas, these products are amazing and left my skin super moisturized. the line has everything from skincare, makeup and hair care... me and my mom would like to somehow get the product and sell it over here. There aren't alot of stores in the U.S, none in the city that we live in (chicago) Is this a good idea? would we make profit? how would we begin to do this? my mom works in export import and she has contacts in the country that the line originated and is mostly sold. Please let me know what you think and if this is a good idea?

PS-the product is not expensive! stores in California sell big bottles for 20 dollars, and the product is honestly amazing.

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I doubt a store dedicated to imported skin and beauty could be justified, becoming the exclusive U.S. or regional distributor for such a product, getting it into a lot of stores might be profitable, odds are the maker would select an experienced established business.

1 year ago