How do I get an idea to manufacturers?

I have a great idea in which I greatly feel would make tons of profit upon it being made.

The only problem is that I don't have the funds to execute the production or an idea of how to insist that someone else to do it.

I also would like it if it were possible to make funds for myself as well, in the assumption that someone uses my idea.

So, what would be the best way to go about doing this?

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You might have to rely on the faith of family to fund the first rounds of test marketing, having some proven sales and market acceptance would make a much more persuasive case with professional funders.

Do you watch sharktank, now that's reality. There are valuable lessons to learn from that program.

1 year ago

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Patent it make a good powerpoint and arrange meetings with sales people for the companies your idea pertains you. They will then pay you royalties for using your patent as well as the profit you make selling whatever it is you have

by Jason W - 1 year ago

sence you have ldea you have to perfect it though taorly


by Emmanuel - 1 year ago