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    Can anyone give real information on Preston Lord Enterprises?

    Can anyone give real information on Preston Lord Enterprises? And please, no endorsements, just solid detailed info on how it works. Personal experience only.
    a few seconds ago 1 Answer

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    Envelop stuffing scams have been around since before the internet, with automated stuffing machines being cheaper, with far less delays, employing people to do such things just don't make sense. Yours is about the 3rd inquiry I have seen in the last couple of weeks here. Having a name that sounds like British royalty is no guarantee of integrity. http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/advisor/answers/other-advertising-and-marketing-20121202050457AA5XPoP.html Several mentions of them are in the comments of this 2007 description of the racket. http://bizcovering.com/opportunities/2900-weekly-mailing-special-letters-review/ The BBB with "concerns with the industry in which this business operates" gives an F rating http://www.bbb.org/new-jersey/Business-Reviews/work-at-home-companies/preston-lord-enterprises-in-basking-ridge-nj-90154654
    3 years ago

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