What is an advertising pitch?

I have a school assignment where I have to make an advertisement for a product, and it has to have a written copy that includes a pitch. What is that?

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It somewhat depends on what your teacher is expecting. An advertising pitch can be anything from a simple persuasive speech trying to convince others to purchase your product to a breakdown of your target market. In short, it can either be a speech or a marketing meeting. I met one marketing consultant named Jack Kronis who told me that the best thing you can do during an advertising pitch is bring along graphs and other information about your target audience.

For example, if you are selling soda and you want to sell mostly to teenagers, you should bring in research about how popular soda is amongst teenagers. You can find studies online if your teacher allows it. Otherwise, Google Books is a good resource.


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A presentation that persuades someone to buy product.

A pitchman is typically a fast talking sometimes shady character, snake oil salesmen in the old west used a pitch to sell their product with no real merits.

A youtube search for Pitchman gets a couple thousands examples of their style.

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