Help making a page/name for my business of Facebook?

it's a very small business i make everything myself and i work by request. Everything i make is made from environmentally friendly and recyclable material..i use hemp, duct tape, para cord and soda pull tabs to make bracelets, necklaces, earrings, wallets, bow ties, and belts. I'm doing everything myself and i wanted to see if i could make more money out of it if i make a page on Facebook. Will it cost me anything to make a page? Also i would like name ideas for my business

Thank you guys for your help and i appreciate it

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The Facebook page will be free, they do want it to be a real business, if it also had it's own web site it would look more legit. (Free Blogger account + a $12 a year domain name would do it, having a domain name registered is a bit like trademarking the name, particularly having the .com version)

I might make a name from Recycling, Old is New Again, Ethical Craft, EarthSmart

After you get about 30 likes you can give the page a short name (eliminate the numbers) and you can log onto Facebook under that name so your comments, etc. link back to the page.

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It doesn't cost you. It's free! Teehee

by Anastasia - 1 year ago

Pages (formerly called Fan Pages) are a way for companies, brands, products, bands, organizations, etc to have an official presence on Facebook. While you “can” create a profile page for your company, Facebook frowns upon it and will shut it down if they come across it. Profiles are for people, Pages are for everything else. Like Profiles though, Pages can be enhanced with applications, “Like” other pages, post pictures and updates, receive comments, and comment on other Pages. Pages cannot send messages to individual users though. If you send a message to a user, it will appear to come from your personal account.

by Tung - 1 year ago