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    how to sell my photography?

    I have been taking photos now for about four years. My focus is on animals and nature. I am really proud of my work and take pride in it, and would love to just take a chance and see if any of the photos would be able to sell.. how would you advise to sell my photography? websites? certain 'techniques'? please help :)
    a few seconds ago 4 Answers

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    I love photography too! you can upload and sell them on Pixoto.com. you have to license them for stock. http://www.pixoto.com/become-a-stock-contributor
    3 years ago

    Other Answers

    • i suggest you first post your shots to see where they should go. Do not expect much in the way of sales unless you have absolutey phenomenal shots. You are competing against the best in the world.

      by rick - 8 hours ago

    • You could try Ebay or Webshots.com Consider visiting some galleries. Have you prepared a portfolio?

      by coraann - 8 hours ago

    • Good luck with this one. Make sure you do not take photography in college. Considered one of the worst college degrees. Not sure why colleges even offer this. Perhaps just to make money.

      by Go with the flow - 8 hours ago

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