What are company policies for customers "complaining" about bad experiences? Should I call in?

I buy movies at a store in the mall a few times a year (the name of it is FYE). I always have a good experience there, but yesterday when I went in the girl at the counter was VERY RUDE to me.

I bought 4 movies, and I told her I needed to pay for 2 of them separately. She said "uhh, why??" with a sarcastic tone in her voice. I said "because 2 of them arent for me and I need 2 different receipts.. is that okay?" she didnt say anything. The first order I payed with a card, and when she gave me the pen to sign in, she sorta tossed at me and was like "sign it" like she was in a hurry or something (which was weird since I was the only one in line). So I did that, then payed for the last 2 movies, and she gave me my bag and then I left.

Like I said, I've been in that store before, and I've always had a good experience buying stuff, but this girl acted rude and impatient with me, and I felt like she was giving me a hard time.

If I call in and talk to a manager about this, what could happen? (I just looked at my receipt, and HER NAME is on it, by the way).

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Was this wastrel also chewing gum and drinking frothing ales on work-time? EGADS!!! Be damned to her!

Arroint thee witch, I say! Lest she offends ye! To the stocks and let us pelt her with frozen peas and say unto her "AWAY! AWAY!"

Sorry - trying to get all medieval on her ass - on your behalf.

1 year ago