Why are there so many aspc commercials on tv?

I love animals but recently i have notices a lot of channels are popping up with these pitiful commercials and it has become more frequent and more channels are airing them. I was thinking of getting rid of tv because of just ordinary commercials but now i really don't like this. I know this is just a rip off but i still don't like seeing it.

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TV uses them as filler when they don't have paying commercials. I think they are disgusting appeals for money. I can only imagine that they have turned off a lot of people who might have sent them donations before.

1 year ago

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Yea that original one had quite a pitiful song as well...

Stations are required to air a certain number of public service commercials, there may not as many aspc commercials as it feels, they may just break through the clutter and impact your memory more strongly.

by Jake - 1 year ago