Why do companies advertise like this?

When companies like McDonald's have commercials when they say" the McRib is made with real pork". It makes me think "well what the fuck else would it be".
Also I have ritz peanut butter crackers that say made with real peanut butter.
So why do they feel the need to say that, it should be real, what else would it be?

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the world is no longer natural and the companies are aware that the consumers still cherish natural products.... according to the popcorn report by faith popcorn.... " consumers have become more concious of the environment and what they consume so companies are tryig build their desired perception even if it may not be the reality sometimes.... but sadly in marketing " the consumers reality is the perception of reality that the company is able to build(if well implemented"


1 year ago

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It's a world full of synthetic, simulated foods, even if there may be no fake pork, saying real is a generic reassurance when there's little else good to say about chopped up processed meat.

by Jake - 1 year ago

Here is your answer. You've seen the Realemon? The lemon juice used for cooking. They were once monopolized the U.S market in the industry. Just because they have the word Real in it. The government had to force them give up the name and allowing everyone in the industry to use that name. What else would you buy if Real was the first thing you see?

by Andrew - 1 year ago

they just want you to know that the food they have made from pure ingredients and no seasoning or artificial flavour

by HUBER - 1 year ago

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by Angel - 1 year ago