Do you think AmazingBookQuotes is a good domain for a website containing quotes from books or it is too long?

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I see is available, while the popular TLDs are already taken by the names I would prefer: amazingquotes and memorablequotes.

One problem with your name, Books are not being quoted, Authors are. (not everyone thinks Quotes From Books)

Again run some other ideas through the bulk search tool and see what you get.

I broke out a marketers adjective list and found these available names:
(showing the best available: .com being best .org the worst)

I killed a bit more time finding the largest searches for quotes (global exact match monthly searches shown) If any of these exact searches were available for a domain name it would have a search ranking edge.
love quotes 1,830,000
inspirational quotes 1,000,000
funny quotes 823,000
quotes about life 673,000
friendship quotes 550,000
life quotes 550,000
poems 450,000
motivational quotes 450,000
love poems 368,000
quotes about love 368,000
famous quotes 301,000
marilyn monroe quotes 201,000
love quotes for him 201,000
birthday quotes 201,000
cute quotes 201,000
bible verses 201,000
best quotes 165,000
best friend quotes 165,000
quotes on life 165,000
quotations 135,000
quote of the day 135,000

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