do you think this blog name is lame?

i was aiming for a quirky name for my fashion/photography blog.. but only came up with this
A Nice Little Blog.........


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I get that the point of it is to be simple. It could work depending on the content and what you are going for.

It feels like a lot of people have fashion/photography blogs. If you're doing something kind of like a Tumblr, then the name is kind of cutesy and fitting.

But if you're going for something more unique and more serious, there could be something better.

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Yeah it's pretty lame

0/10 would not read

by Brandon F - 1 year ago


by Problem? - 1 year ago

That's not really lame, but
It's just too simple, sorry.

by Priya - 1 year ago

Yeah... that's.... I wouldn't read it. I think that if you combine a few words that are interesting, it makes a great name for a site. Examples:

Heel Heaven
Flaming Couture
CherryBurst Fashion Tips

Anything zingy, poppy and fun can attract readers and get you noticed.

by Kyo~!! - 1 year ago is slightly more generic.

Maybe don't give quirky so much weight, consider the purpose of the name, to encourage people to click it and to perhaps earn slightly better search engine position. A bit of advertising hype lingo may be useful.

Perhaps combine a photo and fashion word, of you are getting an actual domain name (and not a free subdomain) you will find all the best names taken, it may require a compromise finding an available name you like. the Godaddy bulk search link allows you to check the availability of a list of names at once.

There are sites with tools that help you come up with fictitious names, including:,,,,, some of these tools look up the domain name availability as you go.

The forum folks might be helpful. invents new words based on a seed you provide.

In 2 minutes I found

not thrilling

by Jake - 1 year ago