can i offer food in exchange for photography?

would it make me sound like a jerk if i put up an ad that offered a free dinner to a college student who wanted to take pics of my cafe and its food for my website? nothing major, just 5 or 6 pics of the food and building
i said college student cos i was just gonna post it at the college haha

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No, it would not make you sound like too much of a jerk. I would have done it for you any time.

Happy New Year.


1 year ago

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No, but why a college student... there are plenty of retired seniors with excellent photo skills who could use a free meal. Personally, I'd offer more than one meal, but I don't eat in expensive restaurants, so I don't know what that might cost you.

by The Whistling Gypsy - 1 year ago

I once knew of a marketing company that had a restaurant for a client and was paid in meals. Purely contra.

by Neil - 1 year ago