Is this too much money for all this stuff?

This is my birthday wishlist:
4 bras
1 pair of jeans
2 shirts
1 jacket
1 cami
1 pair of earrings
All togethet its $120
Is that too much money for all that stuff? could i get a better deal?

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Only $120? That actually sounds pretty cheap. A jacket alone can be $50 or more.

Besides, it's a *wish* list. You probably won't get everything that's on it. In my family, my kids write wish lists just to give us ideas about the kind of things they want.

1 year ago

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If you can get all that stuff for $120.. Do tell us where from? I bought 2 shirt today for $276...

by James P - 1 year ago

It depends the budget of the person who is going to give you this gifts.
Try to start making money by yourself in order to buy what you want.
Look in what you are good and start this project.
Good Cooking...Make cookies and sell them
Good Organizer.....Offer your services to a busy moms.
Good Babysitter.....Place an ad at school blackboard

Happy New Year

by Rosa Morales-Portillo - 1 year ago