how to make money online?

Is it ok to make money online?.. any suggestions would really appreciated.

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You can try to visit this blog..
I am earning well through this methods..
Hope this helps..

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make money online is not easy as we think but we can make money online you can try Google Adsence for pay per click,

by Binod - 1 year ago

I just answered a similar question to this 1 and the below is an adaptation of my answer to suit here.....

Here's the thing, this is a very general question and it's not possible to explain everything in this box.
Just keep in mind that there are many ways to make money online.

To put it simply, it IS OK to make money online. It is basically the same as starting your own business like opening a grocery shop. The difference is that a grocery shop has only customers who live nearby. However, your shop is on the internet and you are literally selling to everyone around the world who is connected to the internet.

A good way to start is with affiliate marketing from sites like Clickbank and Amazon. With affiliate marketing, you sell someone else's products and earn a commission on it. Affiliate marketing is very good as a learning platform if you are new to making money online.

*Point to remember - To be successful in making money online, you will need to learn a few other things like list building, using automatic responders and basic website creation. I suggest you do not learn everything by trial and error on your own as this will take forever and you will get frustrated. Instead, invest in a course or online training.


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