Is it legal to put beer brand logos on a lounge advertisement/flyer?

We are making a flyer and newspaper advertisement for our pizza lounge, and want to advertise some new craft beers we carry. Is it legal to put the logos of the beers on our flyer?

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Most company logos are proprietary and trademarked. Best to obtain permission from the companies. They'll probably be okay with it as long as you ask first.

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yes it is legal. logos are meant to be for advertising, since you are displaying their logo their, they will be more than happy and thankful to you for the free ad.
also this stated in copy rights and brand trading laws.
i would say , you probably ask them if they gonna help you out in advertising your pizza lounge. i am pretty sure they gonna compensate your for some costs or sponsor your shop by making some signage for you or etc...


by Mar - 1 year ago