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    Is it ok if I photoshop my baked goods pictures?

    My mom likes to put them all over Facebook as advertising lol but I'm a perfectionist and I just can't stand even the slightest imperfection! So is it ok if I photoshop the picas little bit? Nothing major, it's just to smooth out some flaws or remove some background stuff or crumbs, perfecting the shape of my fondant things lol, etc..
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    As long as you aren't completely altering anything. I'd say things like changing the lighting and removing crumbs are fine. Of course companies like McDonalds and Burger King photoshops their pictures. Everyone does I'd say. As long as it's true to it's ingredients, it shouldn't matter. In the end, it's the taste that matters. Not the appearance. So they better taste as good as they look! Good luck to you :)
    a few seconds ago

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    • Agree with Essie as long as they are your own photos you have taken. Also, put them up on Pinterest.

      by Neil - 9 hours ago

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