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    What can i do about this purchase that i made?

    I made a purchase from: http://justicecoin.com/Default.asp?bhcp=1 It sent me an email recipt. It said it worked, but there seems to be no payment through my bank account. So I'm not sure if it worked out. I want to make sure I get it but I don't want to try again and make 2 purchases if it did indeed work. I tried to email to see if it worked, but the email didn't work. What can I do? How do I find out about whether or not the order went through. What do I do?
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    I have also bought these coins, the system is very slow and my purchase didn't show up for a while. Also, my package didn't come so I contacted them again and they sent another package. I do not fully trust this company. If it doesn't come, contact them. You may have to fill out a form like I did. DO NOT buy again, your purchase 99% went through. If you don't get a response or package email them. But, I am very pleased with the product. Good Luck!
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