A good name for a decorating company?

I'm starting a decorating company for weddings/birthdays/wedding showers/baby showers/etc,
but I can't think of a creative & memorable name for it!

I'm open to any and all suggestions.
Thank you so much in advance! :)

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Name- Creative Celebrations
Tagline - Decorating Services for Your Party

If you need a website, contact me at I'm professional and affordable.

Good luck!

1 year ago

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(It's a play on the word particles - hehe)

by Star - 1 year ago

I would name it, "Decoratíng Company" it has a nice ring to it. For a Maybe...the company that decorates. I like it. I mean. I would shop there. And btw since I'm the most educated about these things I would like best answer if u don't mind. K thx


by Sophie - 1 year ago

(Your name) Creation.

Tagline: Let's make it happens!

by SGElite - 1 year ago

Fabulous decorating


by Shaista Jabeen - 1 year ago

You can name it "bumbles" or "Sparkles"

by Brandon - 1 year ago