if a customer clicked his fingers at u, how would u react (working in a restaurant)?

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Some people still think that is an acceptable way to get a waitress or waiter's attention. Since my job and possible tip from the customer would depend on it, I would have to be polite and ask what they needed.

1 year ago

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It's rude but I would be polite because its my job

by Jackie T - 1 year ago

Waiters should be respected. Personally I would punch him in the face.

by Takashi - XIII - 1 year ago

It seems to me that the customer is trying to get my attention, so if I worked there I would give the customer service. I would ask if I could be of service.

by Parrill Apple - 1 year ago

I agree with Jackie T. Responding in a angry or rude manner, or even ignoring the jerk will only result in you getting in trouble.


by jehjeh3711 - 1 year ago

Serve him And Insult in double meaning...that depend on you how you handle that kind type of customers.... in front of his g.f :) Try and nothing special that you can do bcoz thats job ..:(

by ashutosh - 1 year ago