How does advertising help agriculture?

I'm writing down a speech that is agriculture related to agribusiness, and i don't know what to write. It has to be 3 minutes :P
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Not sure of your question, but advertising aims to get a company name recognition and to learn about their product. A lot of that is local advertising like bread, ice cream, and milk that is produced close to your home, like Mrs Baird's bread or Gandy's ice cream. Advertising also promotes a certain industry, where all companies pay to have their certain product promoted as a whole. Some of those would be milk, pork, avocados, cotton, beef, oranges, etc., to try to get more people to use their product regardless of each local company. Sometimes that's called good will advertising designed to make you feel better about their product.

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The advertisements on your TV screen lets off radiation that causes cancer in bugs such as boll weevils and saves thousands of farms across the globe.

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