How does velcro work?

I'm just fascinated by velcro, how does it work?

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Velcro consists of two layers: a "hook" side, which is a piece of fabric covered with tiny hooks, and a "loop" side, which is covered with even smaller and "hairier" loops. When the two sides are pressed together, the hooks catch in the loops and hold the pieces together.When the layers are separated, the strips make a characteristic "ripping" sound.

Velcro can be made of many things—the first sample was made of cotton, which was proved impractical. Nylon and polyester are the fibers most commonly used now. Velcro made of Teflon loops, polyester hooks, and glass backing is used on space shuttles.

There are variations on the standard velcro: one of which, for example, includes hooks on both sides. However these are not common. Alternatives to velcro are buttons, zippers, laces and buckles.

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