Ways to promote internet sales, places to advertize?

I'm selling my photos at

I have been researching places like Google and Facebook to find paid advertizing for the site. It's making my head spin and I don't know what the best value is.

If you sell anything (especially art) on the internet or know anyone that does, where were your most effective advertizing dollars spent?

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What I know is, social media is really worth considering for advertising and marketing your business. Creating a page on facebook and start off with your friends inviting theirs and so on, would create a buzz. Twitter is also a good way to advertise, and they're free so there is nothing to be lost anyways.

Did you try advertising through Google Adwords? It is not that expensive and you could choose from different methods on how you want to be charged for the advertisement you place.

A friend of mine advertises her mom's work on a facebook page and twitter, it seems to be going well.

Good luck :) Hope this helped

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