Is quibids a legit website?

i want to buy off of that but idk if i should what if everything i buy is broken or used and is there a catch

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Everything there is real, but understand how the site actually works: You must buy a package of bids before you can bid on anything. Each "penny" you bid costs you 60 cents. If you bid ten times and are outbid at the end, then you've thrown away $6.00 for nothing. Also, the site can extend the bidding time, so even if you're the winning bidder and there's only two seconds to go, you can suddenly find that they've allowed everyone another minute or two or five to continue bidding against you.

I am in awe of Quibids. They make hundreds of thousands of dollars per day selling merchandise for far more than it's worth, mostly to naive suckers who don't understand what they're doing, and it's all perfectly legal.

1 year ago

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The "catch" is that bidding costs money.

You could spend hundreds of dollars and not actually "win" anything.

It is not a true auction site like Ebay.

by Wayne Z - 1 year ago